Understanding Betting Accumulator Bonus

The accumulator bet is the most common type of multiple bet to place. The accumulator bonus is the chance to win big and requires just a small outlay from you, which is why so many people love it. On top of that, you can use an acca sports betting on almost every sport in the world, so it is an open bet that anyone can use if they wish to.

They are one of the rare bets that both bookmakers and punters like. Bookies love to take them because they know they won’t pay out on too many of them as the bets are difficult to land. From a punters point of view, these bets offer the thrill of landing a big win accumulator, they only require a small stake and you only need to win a couple of these each season to be in profit given the returns on offer.

With best bookmakers liking them and punters looking to place them, this is a real battleground, and often when you have sports such as football, one big team losing at the weekend can knock out a lot of accumulator bets in one swoop.

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The popularity of this bet makes it perfect for betting offers, and bookmakers have picked up on this. There are two main types of accumulator offer that you can claim while you are placing these bets. Best of all, these offers are almost always open to new and existing customers, so you can keep taking advantage of the offer every time you place accumulator bet with your bookmaker (read this – BTC sports betting sites).

Here we take a look at the two sports accumulator offers you can take when you place your bets as well as points to look out for when choosing where you want to bet with the accumulator bonus.

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Online Accumulator Betting Bonus Offer

The first offer to look at is the accumulator bonus offer. As the name suggests, you are giving yourself a bonus on top of your winnings here, which means your returns will be bigger.

If you are hoping to make regular accumulator wins, you can get several bonuses throughout the season and this will all add up over time. The amount of bonus you receive will vary depending on the bookie offer you take and acca odds, many of these offers are based on the number of selections you have too. The more selections, the bigger the bonus, but you are adding risk when you add selections. Here you can find best football betting sites which have best online accumulator odds.

acca bet odds bonus sports betting strategy

As an example here, one offer you may take is to receive a 10% bonus on winnings when you have a winning six team acca. So, if your returns are 100 from the bet, you will actually receive 110, as you have a bonus of 10 on top of your winnings.

Do this four times during the season for the same amount and you have a total bonus over the season of 40. If you bet the same stake of 5 per bet then this will pay for eight bets, rather than you spending cash to place those bets.

This could be the difference between making a profit or a loss during the season, eight bets is a lot if you are anything like this example, which is what makes the acca bonus offer so popular with players and one you should always be on the look out for and do this betting accumulator strategy.

The Accumulator Insurance Offer

The second offer to look at is the accumulator insurance offer, this is the opposite and is an acca insurance offer that covers you if you just fall short. With this offer your accumulator betting strategy should be hit a minimum number of selections, but the offer stays the same regardless of how many selections you pick.

acca insurance offers sports accumulator bonus wins

These acca insurance offers gives you your money back if you miss out by one. So, for example, if you place a six-team acca and you get five winners and one loser, you will receive your accumulator money back.

The key to this is that you can then use that money to pay for your next acca bet, and while you are receiving this back, you are not staking further money to win. If you have five refunds over the year, that is five bets paid for, five times you are not staking new cash and five chances to win without harming your profit and loss.

If you find yourself coming close to winning on many occasions during the season then this could be the offer that helps you with these. It doesn’t give you anything that you’ve never had before, but receiving your money back offers a free chance to win with this acca betting strategy.

What to Look for When Choosing Where to Bet with These Offers

As ever with bookmaker offers, many will have these available for you to use if you want to, although they all have their own rules attached and terms and conditions you need to follow.

online win accumulator betting strategy money back

When it comes to the acca bonus, look out for minimum selections, how the percentage of bonus is worked out and what each level of bonus looks like when compared to others. Some offer a flat bonus regardless of selections, if you bet a lot of selections this will be no good for you, instead, look for a tiered approach that gives you more when you bet on more selections.

For those looking at the insurance offer there are two aspects you need to look at. The first is the number of selections needed in the bet to receive your money back, most bookmakers have this set at five or six.

Secondly, look at how you get your money back. Is this in real cash, just like you spent, or does it come back as a free bet. If you are reinvesting then this isn’t a best accumulator bet deal, but if you are thinking of using the money for something else, getting cash back is what you need.

If you can work out which offer is best for you and add it to your betting, while also looking for the best place and best odds accumulator to make your bets, your acca betting should improve for it. Click here and find out best betting site for accumulators.

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