Betting Futures [Tips]

  • 21 Mar 2018
    3 min. read

Very often we might think betting is the thing that does not care much about future (I mean, months, not days) events.

However, the golden rule applies here as every situation is different.

When talking about future events, we are talking about such betting options as “the winner of the X league”, “the MVP of the X league” or even events that are not related to sports (political events, Eurovision music contest, etc).

Usually these events are very different. Sports differ (or not sports events), the time it is required to achieve something differ (player cannot become season MVP after one game), odds differ as well.

Probably future bets are not really popular because you have to wait a long time before you know if you won or lost. However, this should not become a reasons to avoid this type of events. As usually, you should simply know how to choose and find value.

Here, for example, before many sports seasons start, there are odds presented with a chance to bet on champions of various leagues. Since your best bet would be to take advantage of this pre-season, you might try to evaluate how teams team rosters and power rankings have changed. In order to do that you need to have deep knowledge of certain sports, including players, transfers and even upcoming season schedules.

If in recent years it was pretty clear who is going to win the NBA, there are some sports and leagues where things are more difficult to predict (as it was with Donald Trump becoming the president of the United States).

Betting is the area which is highly affected by how much information you have, therefore information and potential return are the main factors.

For example, before EuroBasket 2017 Slovenia‘s were 31 at 888sport and Unibet bookmakers. You can see what value is possible to be found.

We provide you with some tips which can help to become more successful future events bettor:

  • If there are many options on certain championship/event (f.e. when you bet on team to win the championship), pick few favorites. If you place the same amount of money on few teams with good odds and one of your choices is right, your investment may give a very decent return.
  • Check the odds. Very often odds at different bookies differ a lot, especially when we consider betting on teams that are not very likely to win the league. Maximize your potential returns.
  • Evaluate the period of time and how things might go meanwhile. If you want to bet on individual sports, there is a risk that the player you picked might get an injury and lose. In other scenario, when one player of a team gets injured, this might affect the final outcome but will not be as crucial. As well do not forget about transfers that happen during the season. Finally, the period of time has its effect as well. Longer you have to wait, more unexpected things can happen (both good and bad), therefore is a big uncertainty.
  • Winning format. Or what it takes to win. How one team can become champions? Is it enough to finish first in the standings or do you have to battle the play-offs? It is of a very high importance especially in football and sports that often decide winners only by regular standings. If standings decide the winner that means that the key factor is team’s stability throughout the season and the best teams have the best chances to win. However, if there are play-offs format, there may be a lot more surprises and the final outcome depends on team shapes, injuries and tactics. Before betting, you should know the league’s structure.

There even more factors but the key thing to take away is the difference between future events. You have to consider all important differences and understand how they affect the final outcome.

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