How to use “Best Odds Guaranteed” Offer on Horse Racing

  • 06 Jan 2018
    5 min. read

If you place regular horse racing bets then you will surely have seen an offer that bookmakers promote called the best odds guaranteed offer. This covers all UK and Irish horse racing, but do you know what it is, do you already take advantage of it, and do you understand just how important this offer is to your betting profit? If you are interesting to choose best bookmaker for horse racing betting, check our best horse racing bookmakers 2024 rating.

Our guide will answer your questions and will ensure you are making the best possible profit from your betting, which is of course what every punter is looking for.

Best Odds Guaranteed Offer on Horse Racing
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What is the best odds guaranteed offer?

You may have seen the offer with your current bookmaker, and you may already take advantage of this without really knowing. However, if you don’t bet with a bookmaker that offers this then you could be throwing away vital profit when betting, so you need to stop doing that now, and take a look elsewhere.

The best odds guaranteed promotion will give you the best possible price available at the time of placing your bet, either the price that you take on your horse or the SP, whichever is the greatest. You do not have to do anything other than placing your bet and taking the price, the bookmakers will do the rest for you so there is no extra work involved here when you are betting. Below is an example of how this works, and the effect it can have on your betting profit, this is something that could be happening to you on a daily basis.

What is the best odds guaranteed offer What is the best odds guaranteed offer

An example of the best odds guaranteed offer working for you

You select a horse and place a bet on the horse to win on the morning of the race. The horse is priced at 3/1, which is what you take. Later that day, the horse runs and wins the race, and wins at the SP of 5/1. If you place a bet at 3/1 with a bookmaker that does not offer the best odds guaranteed offer then you will be paid out at the price of 3/1. Let’s say for example you placed a bet of £10 on the selection, you will be paid out a return of £40 including your stake back. Now let’s look at the difference if you have placed the bet with a bookmaker offering the best odds guaranteed service. The scenario is exactly the same, you placed a bet on your selection at 3/1 in the morning, but this time your bookmaker does offer the best odds guaranteed service. The horse wins at 5/1 and thanks to the offer of best odds guaranteed this is the price you are paid out on. When you are paid your winnings on this occasion, you are paid a total of £60. This works out at £20 more profit than you would take without using this offer, a total pay-out of 50% more.

Always take an early price when using best odds guaranteed

The one thing to remember is to always take the price if you have the best odds guaranteed promotion available to you. This is another way in which your betting will profit, as you will see below. For example, you want to back a horse in the morning, you log on and you see the horse is priced at 4/1. When you see this price, you are a little disappointed because you were hoping for a little bigger. You think the horse will be a bigger price, so you decide to leave the bet to be settled at SP and you don’t take a price. Later that day the horse wins, the horse is backed even more and returns with an SP of 3/1. This means you are paid out at the lower price of 3/1, hurting your betting profit. When you bet with the best odds guaranteed promotion there is no need to refuse early morning prices because you know that those prices are the minimum which you will be paid out on. Using the example above, you would have taken the initial 4/1 and been paid out at that. It may not have been the price you were hoping for, but it will increase your total payout by 20% just for taking the early price and betting with someone offering best odds guaranteed.

Why Best Odds Guaranteed is Now Vital to Betting Profit

The above examples show just how vital the best odds guaranteed offer could be to your betting and how it can effect your profits. If you are a regular horse racing punter then the above could be happening to you every single day, that adds up to a lot of profit you have missed out on. Every day you will see well-backed horses that have a much smaller SP, and you will also see horses that drift and have a much bigger SP. By using the best odds guaranteed promotion you can get the best deal on both of these possibilities, simply by always taking the morning price that is available. The best odds guaranteed offer has become a vital part of horse racing betting and if you are a horse racing punter it makes sense to take advantage of this. Many bookmakers are now offering promotions, and if you are currently with a bookmaker who doesn’t offer it, then maybe you should consider changing your bookmaker. Using the offer will enhance your profit, with no change required from you other than to take the morning price that is available on your selection. The rest is all calculated by the bookmakers, while you sit there safe in the knowledge that you are getting the best deal on your selection. Whether the horse is backed and wins at the morning price you have taken, or the horse drifts to a bigger SP, you will always get the best deal. This makes you the most profit from your betting, and at the end of the day, that is what every gambler is looking for.

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