Best meme coins 2023

  • 27 Oct 2023
  • 13 min. read

Best meme coins are digital currencies that began, in many cases, as online jokes or cultural phenomena. But don't be fooled by their playful origins. Many of these coins have seen significant market traction, gathering a dedicated following and sometimes challenging the traditional norms of the financial sector.

The term “meme coin” has its roots in the internet culture phenomenon of “memes” – those humorous images, videos, or pieces of text that get passed around and modified in endless iterations across social media platforms. 

As with their namesakes, most popular meme coins capture the zeitgeist of a moment, often tied to a cultural reference or internet trend. 

However, their impact on the cryptocurrency landscape is anything but fleeting.

This article will dive deeper into these questions:

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Key questions we will answer

❓Can meme coins keep growing if they rely on internet fads and viral moments?

❓What happens if a meme coin's celebrity support fades or changes?

❓Can authorities handle issues with new meme coins, like “pump and dump” scams?

❓How do investors tell genuine meme coins from short-lived ones?

❓How will meme coins change, and will they offer more real uses in the future?

❓Will meme coins always be unpredictable, or will they stabilize as they get more popular?

Best Meme Coin 2023

Out of all the meme coins out there, we're looking at the top 8 best meme coins 2023 . We'll see top meme coins list and where they started, where they are now, and what makes them different.

1. Doge

Talking about meme coins, Dogecoin is the big one that started everything. It came from a funny internet joke about a Shiba Inu dog.


History: Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer made Dogecoin in 2013 as a fun twist on Bitcoin. They didn't expect it to start a trend of meme coins. Now, the Dogecoin logo is everywhere in internet finance culture.

How It's Doing Now: By 2023, Dogecoin's meme coin price has changed significantly, but it's still one of the top memecoins. Famous people talking about it have made it even more popular.

Uses and Partnerships: People use Dogecoin for online tips, donations, shopping, and in gambling sites. It's been a part of big events like NASCAR races and space projects. 

The Community: Dogecoin fans, called “Shibes,” really help it grow. They're known for helping out with good causes and always cheering for Dogecoin with their slogan, “To the moon!”.

2. Pepe

Pepe coin, inspired by the “Pepe the Frog” meme from sites like 4chan, brings more internet humor into crypto.


Pepe's Story: This frog meme became famous online because it could mean many different things. That made it great for a meme coin. The coin tries to show the wild feelings people have about money.

How It's Doing Now: By 2023, the Pepe coin isn't just a quick trend. It's had price jumps and lots of fans backing it. It's also tied to digital art trades, which makes it more useful.

Community Activities: Pepe coin fans are very dedicated, even if there aren't as many as Dogecoin fans. They do fun contests, help out with good causes, and connect with online games to stay active.

What's Next: As more people get into digital coins and pop culture, Pepe coin has a good chance to grow. It can fit with many digital things, and its fun background could attract more fans.

3. Floki

Elon Musk's tweets can make a big difference in the crypto world. After naming his dog “Floki”, a new memecoin with that name popped up.


How It Started: Musk's Shiba Inu dog, inspired by the Norse explorer Floki, became the face of this coin. While some might see Floki as a quick trend, the people making and supporting it want it to be more.

Its Growth: Floki has seen big growth moments like other meme coins. Its quick-moving team and smart choices have helped it stand out in crypto.

How It's Used: Besides being a coin, Floki is getting into video games. There are plans to use Floki as game money, mixing gaming and crypto in a cool way.

Community Actions: Floki fans, called “Vikings,” really help shape where the coin is going. They meet online, teach about crypto, and do good things to show they really believe in their coin.

4. Shiba Inu

Next meme coin – Shiba Inu, or “Shiba,” is more than just “another dog coin”. It might remind people of Dogecoin, but it has its own goals, ways, and fans.


Start: Shiba began in August 2020. It was first a fun decentralized meme coin but grew into something bigger. Its makers even called it the “Dogecoin killer”, showing they wanted it to be a big deal.

How It's Done: Since starting, Shiba has had big meme coins price jumps and falls. But its design and clear plans have made many investors interested.

Uses: Shiba's big achievement is ShibaSwap, a place where people can trade and earn rewards. It showed that Shiba was serious and not just a joke.

The Shiba Fans: A coin's fans can make or break it, and Shiba's “Shiba Army” is strong. They help promote, improve, and protect Shiba, making sure it keeps doing well.

5. Bad Idea AI

Bad Idea AI is a meme token that jokes about the whole idea of meme coins. It hints that putting money in them might not be smart.


What's It About: The coin's funny name comes from the thought that unchecked AI can lead to, well, bad ideas. It's a coin that laughs at the risks in both the AI and crypto scenes.

How It's Done: Even if it started as a joke, a lot of people took notice. By 2023, it got popular because people loved its funny take on things.

Uses: While it's mostly for fun, the coin is being added to AI-focused places. It reminds them to make AI that's good for everyone.

The Fans: The “Bad Bots”, as the fans call themselves, have made the coin famous. They make memes, do funny promotions, and have events that joke about the coin's theme. What's next for them? It's as hard to guess as AI's next move.

6. Kishu Inu

Kishu Inu is another dog-themed crypto. It's inspired by a small but bold dog breed from Japan and aims to make a big impact.


Starting Out: Kishu Inu began in April 2021. Even though it started quietly, its focus on real-world uses and a strong community has made it stand out.

Market Growth: By 2023, Kishu Inu has become one of the top meme token, showing it's here to stay and can grow.

What It Offers: Apart from being a meme coin, Kishu Inu has its wallet, sells goods, and has stepped into the NFT world. These actions make the coin more valuable and known.

Its Fans: The “Kishu Rangers”, the coin's fans, play a big part in its success. They're active online, teach others about crypto, run events, and do charity work. They make sure Kishu Inu is more than just a passing trend.

Comparing Kishu Inu and Bad Idea AI, it's clear that memecoins can be different and deep. They show the mix of fun and serious work in crypto. The line between jokes and real investments is thin now.

7. Dejitaru Tsuka

Next best meme coin – Dejitaru Tsuka means “Digital Currency” in Japanese. This coin combines Japan's rich history with modern meme coin trends.


Starting Points: Born in Japan, Dejitaru Tsuka aims to connect traditional and new-age finance. It reflects Japan's past while looking to the future.

Growth in Market: By 2023, the coin has grown steadily. It attracts people because of its mix of Japanese culture and the fun of meme coins.

What Makes It Special: It's not just a coin to trade. Many Japanese businesses and online sites use it. This makes it stand out, connecting old and new ways of doing business.

The Fans: The “Nihon Enthusiasts”, as its followers are known, celebrate Japanese traditions and the exciting world of meme coins. They come together for online events, cultural celebrations, and more, connecting the past and the present.


APEMAX is a coin that draws inspiration from the bold moves of online financial communities. Its name and spirit reflect the term “apes”, which refers to making gutsy investments.


Beginnings: APEMAX was made for online groups who love taking big risks with stocks or coins. The coin captures the essence of these daring moves.

Market Impact: Its bold branding makes APEMAX popular among young, daring investors. By 2023, it's shown strong growth and high trading volumes.

Usefulness: It's not just a joke coin. APEMAX works with online trading sites and meme stock ventures. This gives the coin real use and value for its fans.

The Fans: The “Alpha Apes” who back APEMAX are strong supporters. They have regular online meet-ups, strong marketing, and push the coin's growth. It looks like APEMAX is set to make a big impact.

Whether it's the traditional feel of Dejitaru Tsuka or the daring spirit of APEMAX, top crypto meme coins of 2023 are varied and powerful. Though born from jokes, they've become serious players in the world of digital money.

⭐ What is the best meme coins to buy?

Based on the present pulse of the crypto realm, here's a quick meme coin list:


Shiba Inu

Pepe Coin


⭐ Which best meme coin to buy today for the long term?

Which meme crypto reigns supreme? Introducing Dogecoin – the pioneer best memecoin! Sporting its signature Shiba Inu emblem, Dogecoin has won over countless supporters and commands a hefty market value. It stands as the cherished symbol of the top memecoin wave.

⭐ Which meme coin will explode in [year]?

Next meme coin to explode could be Pepe, a meme coin drawing inspiration from a well-known internet gag, soared in popularity upon its debut. This renowned frog-faced token launched an IEO without preliminary sales or digital hype, and unsurprisingly, it skyrocketed instantly!

⭐ How do you know if a meme coin crypto is good?

Seek out promising presales – Spotting hot-selling presales can lead you to high-potential meme coins early on. Engage in crypto Discord groups and social platforms – Since meme coins thrive on social momentum, staying active socially can help you discover the next big thing.

⭐ What makes a successful meme coin?

Creating a solid community is key to your best memecoins success. It's important to offer a place where backers can interact, share news, and feel connected. Think about setting up a Discord or Telegram group to foster a bond around your meme coin.

⭐ Which meme coin has the biggest community?

So far, Dogecoin remains the premier biggest meme coins in terms of market value. Its rising price has drawn more investors to meme coins, introducing newer tokens such as Floki, Shiba Inu, and Pepe. 

Understanding the Best Meme Coins

Meme coins, though originating from internet humor, have evolved into significant financial instruments in the world of cryptocurrency. 

But what's behind this phenomenon, and why do meme coins continue to capture the imagination and wallets of so many?

Memes are like a universal language on the internet, helping communities share ideas and humor. When combined with cryptocurrency, they bring together culture and the potential for financial success, highlighting the importance of finding the best crypto tools.

The rapid, viral nature of memes helps these currencies gain swift traction.

A closer look at these coins reveals strategies, utilities, and technological integrations. For instance, while Shiba Inu started as a meme coin, its developers have since launched ShibaSwap, adding tangible value and utility to the coin.

And at the heart of every meme coin lies its community. More than just investors, these individuals are advocates, marketers, and even developers. 

The virality of memes combined with the passion of these communities can drive significant market movements.

Understanding the best meme coins of 2023 requires more than looking at which ones produce the most laughs. 

Serious investors and enthusiasts alike need criteria to evaluate the potential and longevity of these coins. 

Here are some key points to consider:


👉 Market Value: Like traditional stocks, the market cap of a cryptocurrency indicates its overall value. A higher market cap suggests a coin has more widespread adoption and is generally considered more stable than those with smaller market caps.

👉 Practical Use: Does the coin offer real-world utility beyond the meme? Can it be used for transactions, integrated into systems, or does it support any platforms? A meme coin's longevity is often tied to its practical applications.

👉 Community Activity: The crypto world is community-driven. Meme coins, in particular, thrive on strong, engaged communities that support and promote their chosen coin. A passionate community can drive adoption, development, and overall success.

👉 Future Growth: While past performance does not guarantee future results, looking at a coin's historical trends, its development roadmap, and the overall industry environment can indicate its potential for future appreciation.

Meme Coins Pros and Cons

While meme coins offer exciting opportunities for gains and engagement with vibrant communities, they also come with significant risks.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of these cryptocurrencies.



✔️ Viral Potential: Due to their often humorous and relatable origins, meme coins can quickly gain traction on social media, leading to rapid awareness and, potentially, increased investment.

✔️ Community: Meme coins often have passionate and active communities behind them. This grassroots level of support can drive marketing, development, and other coin-related activities, often at a fraction of the cost of more traditional marketing methods.

✔️ Accessibility: Meme coins often start at a very low price point, making them accessible to a broad range of investors, including those who might feel priced out of more established cryptocurrencies.

✔️ High Returns: Due to their volatile nature and the potential for viral marketing, meme coins can sometimes offer significant short-term gains.


Volatility: Meme coins can be highly volatile. Their value can skyrocket but also plummet, leading to significant losses.

Lack of Value: Unlike major cryptocurrencies with a clear utility or underlying technology, many meme coins are driven primarily by hype and speculation.

Rules Check: As meme coins gain popularity, they might attract more attention from regulatory bodies, impacting their trading and overall value.

Limited Viability: While some meme coins evolve to develop real-world utility, many don't have a long-term roadmap or clear use case, making them risky long-term investments.

How to Use Meme Coins

Here are some tips and tricks on approaching and using meme coins:

💡 Research: Before investing, always conduct thorough research. Examine the coin's whitepaper (if available), understand its origins, and look into the team behind it. A genuine project will often have transparent information available.

💡 Engage with Community: Meme coins often thrive because of their passionate communities. Engaging in forums, social media groups, or other community platforms can provide valuable insights, news, and sentiment analysis.

💡 Diversify Investments: Avoid putting all your capital into one meme coin. Diversifying among multiple assets reduces risk.

💡 Beware of Pump & Dump: Be cautious of rapid price surges that lack any substantial news or development. They might be indicative of pump-and-dump schemes.

💡 Invest Wisely: The world of meme coins is unpredictable. While there's potential for substantial gains, significant losses are also risks. Always invest money you're willing to lose.

💡 Use Leggit Wallets: When purchasing meme coins, use reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. Once purchased, consider transferring your coins to a secure wallet rather than leaving them on the exchange.


💡 Stay Updated: Regulatory decisions can significantly influence the cryptocurrency landscape. Keeping updated can help you make informed decisions.

💡 Think Long-Term: While some meme coins might offer quick profits, consider the coin's long-term potential. Does it have any real-world utility or plans to develop one?

💡 Set Profit & Loss Limits: Decide in advance how much profit you aim to make and at what loss you plan to sell. This strategy helps in avoiding impulsive decisions.

💡 Follow News: In the meme coin world, a tweet or endorsement from a celebrity can drastically influence price. Stay updated, but also learn to differentiate between genuine endorsements and fleeting comments.

💡 Keep Learning: The crypto space is constantly evolving. Continuously educate yourself on new technologies, coins, and market trends.

💡 Beware of False Promises: If a project promises consistent, high returns with no risk, be wary. In the world of investments, higher returns typically come with higher risks.

💡 Check Developers’ Updates: A genuine and active project will have regular updates, improvements, and community engagement from its developers.

💡 Stay Secure: Use two-factor authentication for your accounts, avoid sharing personal details online, and be wary of phishing scams.

Can you Use Meme Coins for Betting?

The dynamic world of cryptocurrency has extended its reach to online betting, embracing the meme coin revolution. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and bettors can now leverage the versatility of meme coins to engage in a wide range of crypto betting activities.

This trend brings a new level of convenience and accessibility to online betting. It allows users to place wagers on sports events, play casino games, and participate in various gambling activities while using meme coins as their preferred currency.

The advantages of utilizing meme coins for betting extend beyond mere convenience. They often offer an extra layer of privacy and security, thanks to blockchain technology.

Transactions are decentralized and cryptographically secured, reducing the risk of fraud or third-party interference. This aspect has made meme coins increasingly appealing to novice and seasoned bettors who value anonymity and data protection.


However, it is essential to approach this exciting intersection of meme coins and betting with caution. Choosing reputable and trustworthy betting platforms is paramount to ensuring a safe and fair betting experience.

As meme coins continue to gain traction and popularity, it's becoming clear that they're not just the punchline to an internet joke – they're evolving into financially severe tools that offer diverse applications, including the thrilling world of online betting.


Meme coins have transformed from internet fun to serious crypto contenders, supported by strong communities and practical uses. They've gone from the edges to the center of financial talk, reflecting crypto's growing role in society.

However, they come with highs and lows, so investors should be cautious and well-informed. The 2023 meme coin scene varies, from culturally-based coins like Dejitaru Tsuka to bold ones like APEMAX. 

In a world where jokes can become investments, the best meme coins 2023 reveal how digital finance changes, driven by community spirit, pop culture, and crypto's limitless possibilities.