Who are the Best Football Fans in Europe?

Best Football Fans in Europe

Across the continent of Europe, we have some of the biggest names in world football. Behind them, an army of fans who travel all over their country, and to other parts of Europe. Cheering them on. There are some groups of fans out there that have a reputation, some are the best while some are the worst.

But who are the very best football fans in Europe? And who should you fear when they come to your stadium?

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Premier League Club Fans in Europe

The Premier League is one of the best, if not the best, football leagues in the world. Behind the players on the pitch are fans who travel all over Europe supporting their team. Here is a look at some of them.

best football fans in europe


Known for their famous Anfield atmosphere on European nights, Liverpool have great football fans, some of the best in Europe. Whether it is a few thousand of them away from home or a packed-out Kop end at Anfield, their anthem You’ll Never Walk Alone can be heard clearly by everyone when they are playing.

Fans have had plenty to cheer about too, the team have won 18 national league titles, as well as six Champions League titles and three Europe League or second-tier competitions before it was known as the Europe League.

Manchester United

One of the biggest names in world football also has a fantastic fan base behind them. While Old Trafford is packed out for home games, United have a core group of fans that will go wherever the club takes them around Europe, and sometimes the world. This club has a global reputation and fans in every country, their loyalty to the team makes them one of the best fanbases in Europe.

Success has always followed Manchester United, they have claimed 20 domestic league titles along with three Champions League titles and one in the second-tier competition, now known as the Europa League.


Chelsea have moved into the European limelight since owner Roman Abramovich took over the club in 2003. They’ve been a regular in the top tier of European football, the Champions League since then and have given their fans much to cheer about, both domestically at home and away from home in Europe.

The club has one Champions League title to their name, and a further two from the second tier, the Europa League. Domestic success has graced recent years too, they have won six top-flight titles in English football to put them amongst the elite in that country.


Another club from London to have made waves in Europe is Arsenal. Despite big success in England, they have never managed to win the Champions League, and have one Europa League title to their name. While their supporters have had fantastic times around Europe, just one title from those times may seem like they have underachieved to some.

On the domestic front, they have faired much better when it comes to silverware. Arsenal have won the top division title a total of 13 times in their history, which has cemented them as one of the top clubs in England. But Arsenal last trophy in Premier league was only in 2004. In 2017 Arsenal fc trophies room added FA CUP and FA Community Shield titles.

arsenal last trophy best fans football


For many years, both domestically and in Europe, Tottenham have just come up short when it comes to winning titles. Despite that Tottenham trophies room not so big, their fans have stuck with them and over the years there have been some memorable moments for them to savour.

Domestically, Spurs have won just two top division titles so far, and while that isn’t a great amount, it is more than the number of titles they have won in Europe. They’ve never won the top tier title, with their best effort coming in 2019 when they lost in the final to Liverpool. The second-tier competition has given them a win, they have one win in what is now known as the Europa League.


The Tynesider’s have tasted success domestically but never been further than the quarter-finals of any European competition. The vocal support from their fans has certainly helped them, and many see the club as a sleeping giant that needs awakening, their fans will surely agree on this.

Europe has been a stumbling block though, they’ve never participated in the second tier of European football, while a quarter-final appearance in the top tier, known as the Champions League now, is their best. Newcastle trophies room have 4 Premier league titles, but it was far away – 1905, 1907, 1909 and 1927.

La Liga Club Fans in Europe

La Liga is the top flight-of Spanish football. Two of the biggest clubs in the world and European football clubs with the most trophies play in the league, and there are others trying to emerge from the shadows.

barcelona record atletico madrid trophies fans


There is a rich history between Barcelona and winning trophies, both domestically and away from home. This is a club with incredible values and a desire to win, and their fans support that as much as they can. These are passionate, loyal Catalonians spanish fans who have come to expect success regularly from their team.

26 La liga titles have proved that, and their European Barcelona record of five Champions League titles and four Europa League titles has given them even more. This is a club that has gone toe-to-toe with Real Madrid for many years, although not the one to come out on top in terms of trophies, despite their huge haul.

Real Madrid

Anything Barcelona can do; Real Madrid can do better. Fans from the two clubs often clash over this, but the facts show that Real Madrid have a superior record when it comes to trophies, both in Spain and in Europe. This has only ignited their rivalry further in recent years, which has been great to watch.

Real Madrid have won a total of 33 domestic league titles, which puts them well ahead of Barcelona. On top of that, they are the most successful club in the premier European competition, known now as the Champions League with 13 total victories. They’ve also won two trophies from the second tier, currently known as the Europa League.

Atletico Madrid

The top two in Spain dominate things, and it is very difficult for anyone else to get the limelight. On top of that, Atletico Madrid are city neighbours of Real Madrid, so it is even harder for them. Despite that, Atletico Madrid fans have earned praise from around Europe for following their team, in the hope that one day they can join or maybe even overtake the big two.

Domestically, Atletico Madrid trophies room has 10 league titles and they have also had success in Europe. The big prize, the Champions League, has evaded them, losing in the final three times but they have won the Europa League on three occasions.

Bundesliga Club Fans in Europe

The Bundesliga is the top tier of football in Germany, a country that has always provided great footballers, and their teams have had success in Europe regularly. Their fans are known to be passionate, and two giants stand tall above the rest in Germany.

borussia dortmund titles

Borussia Dortmund

In terms of success, Borussia Dortmund are some way behind rivals Bayern Munich, but as far as their fans go, they are second to no one in Germany. The Dortmund faithful are known for their incredible home atmospheres and always travel well around Europe supporting their team.

Borussia Dortmund titles is eight Bundesliga league titles, to give the fans something to cheer about, and won both European competitions. They have a sole success in the Champions League, while they have won the Europa League second-tier competition twice.

Bayern Munich

When you see the success that Bayern Munich have had over the years, they are the clear pick when it comes to the best clubs in Germany. They have a fan base that matches that, not as well-known as the Dortmund fan base, but certainly very credible. There is plenty to cheer if you are a Bayern Munich fan, which has been the case for many years.

Bayern Munich trophies are incredible. They have won 29 Bundesliga titles, while they have also added European success to that. One victory in the second-tier competition, the Europa League has gone their way but it is the Champions League where they have excelled, winning the premier competition a total of five times.

Serie A Club Fans in Europe

There are many good clubs with a rich history in Serie A, but there is only one that combines a winning tradition with a fantastic fan base that is known all over Europe.

juventus trophies fans


Juventus have excelled domestically and added European titles to their haul to show they are one of the biggest football clubs in the world. There is no doubt that Juve have fantastic fans too, from their brilliant home support to thousands travelling to watch them in Europe.

As far as Italian domestic titles go, Juventus have scored an incredible 35 of those. That dominance has failed to translate fully to Europe, despite some success in both competitions. They have won the second-tier competition, known now as the Europa League, three times while they have also won the Champions League twice.

Scotland, France and Netherlands League Fans in Europe

Some other smaller leagues have clubs with recognised fan bases, and here we look at three of these.

the celtic football club trophies


The Celtic football club have proved to be a dominating force in Scotland for many years, and their tussle with city rivals Rangers is always a fascinating one. Celtic have a great army of supporters who follow the club around Scotland, and on their European adventures, taking the famous green hoops with them.

Glasgow Celtic trophies room is very big – 50 domestic titles have been won by Celtic, an unbelievable achievement that has seen them gain many fans. Scottish football falls just short of being alongside the elite in Europe though, and for that reason, success has not translated to other competitions. Celtic have won the European Cup, known now as the Champions League, once, while in the Europa League they have only ever been losing finalists.


Playing in one of the biggest cities in the world, Paris, has helped PSG gain a big fan base. They have always been amongst the elites of French football, and their fans have followed that. They have a great home support, playing to sell-out crowds and when travelling around Europe, many make the journey with their team.

Domestic success has happened, but not on a huge scale, PSG have won a total of eight domestic titles. They have one Europa League success (PSG Europa League won in 1996) alongside that but have never won the Champions League, with their best being a quarter-final appearance in 2016.

psg europa league


Dutch side Ajax are known for their excellent ability to produce young talent. They have brought many superstars through their ranks over the years, something fans have loved to watch. Those fans are passionate and know Ajax is a special club.

Winning has always come easy too, the team has won a fantastic 34 domestic titles. They won in Europe during the glory days too, with 4 top tier titles to their name, while they have also won the Europa League once on top of this.

Who are the Bad Fans of Europe?

While we have looked at the best fans in Europe, there are some teams out there with bad reputations due to their actions. These are the teams you need to watch when they travel to face your club.

zenit sankt petersburg legia west ham hooligans


Lazio, from Italy, have a reputation for being the most violent fans in Europe, and to this day they maintain that reputation. Two domestic titles and one Europa League title have given ultras Lazio hooligans success, but this is certainly a team you want to avoid.

West Ham

West Ham are from London, and they have a big reputation as being the most violent fans in that part of Europe domestically. West Ham hooligans have travelled abroad on a few occasions, although have never played in the Champions League. They have won the Europa League once, while never winning the Premier League.

Legia Warsaw

Polish team Legia Warsaw have a fan base known around Europe. From big banners and flares at home to travelling around Europe and Legia hooligans causing trouble wherever they go. This is a successful team domestically with 13 league titles, although they’ve never been past the semi-final stage of any European competition.

bad blue boys dinamo zagreb hooligans

Dinamo Zagreb

Dinamo Zagreb may be the one club in Europe that have had the biggest incidents surrounding them. From 1990 in Belgrade to 2008 in Prague, Dinamo Zagreb hooligans are determined to make a name for themselves of bad blue boys Zagreb in some way. They have won 20 league titles on home soil, but never managed to get close in Europe.


Russian club Zenit Sankt Petersburg have won more European titles than domestic titles, with six Russian league wins and eight victories in the Europa League. Despite that, when you think of the club you think of their fans. On the club’s biggest night in 2008, when playing Rangers in the Europa League final, russian hooligans fans marred what should have been a great night. The team won 2-0, but the event saw trouble before and after the game in Manchester with many Zenit hooligans involved.

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