Football Tournaments

Thailand Football

Thailand is situated on the edge of mainland Asia and has a diverse culture throughout the nation. One of the key parts of this culture is football, which is arguably t..

Germany Football in Lower Divisions: FC Bergheim 2000

Germany football history is one that has experienced many changes. From early on, football was a popular game, and the sports landscape in Germany was dotted with lots ..

Israel Football: Maccabi Haifa FC

Since the establishment of the Israel State, sports have played a vital role in the growth of the country both domestic and on the international level. Despite the smal..

Football in Liechtenstein: Mario Frick

Liechtenstein is a small alpine state in Western Europe, bordered by Austria to its east and Switzerland to its west. The country has a long tradition of societies and ..

A Guide to Football in Poland

Football in Poland is a major sport, and the Polish national team has a reasonable track record in both global and European competitions. The sport is played regularly ..