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The New Age of Legalized Sports Betting

On the 14th of May 2018, the US Supreme Court struck out a federal law prohibiting betting on individual sporting events. There has since been a flurry of activities fr..

Bookmakers that accept cryptocurrency

The popularity of cryptocurrencies long ago found gambling, therefore every day there are more btc bookmakers that offer you to bet with crypto coin or play book, while..

Betting Worldwide – Few Simple And Interesting Facts

If you are reading this, there are huge chances you either had betting experience or you are seeking to get more information. It comes as no surprise since the market o..

Conditions, Codes and Karma: APCW Perspectives for 2 February, 2018 This week's topics include more fallout from the UK Gambling Commission Licence Conditions and Codes..

Gamblin’ in the Rain: APCW Perspectives Discussion includes a looming decision on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals and increased interest in the..

Rollin’ with the Changes: APCW Perspectives for 19 January, 2018 The changes keep on coming for the UK market, with news this week from the Gambling Commission and ..

Relentless Changes in the UK and EU: APCW Perspectives for 12 January, 2018 This week's news turns to the 'relentless' changes for our industry coming from the UK Gambling Comm..

Online Gambling Deal from Hell: APCW Perspectives for 5 January, 2018 We return for 2018 with news of an online gambling deal so bad that Satan himself would be proud to ..

All We Want for Christmas: APCW Perspectives for 15 December, 2017 Our last show for the year sends us into the Christmas holiday with stories from iAffiliates, GVC Ho..

Shifting Sands and Changing Tides: APCW Perspectives for 8 December, 2017 We're talking about more online gambling changes in the United Kingdom, as well as the dramatic abou..