The Net Neutrality Threat to Online Gaming: APCW Perspectives for 1 December, 2017

The Federal Trade Commission (FCC) in America is poised to kill Net Neutrality within two weeks. What would that decision mean for online gambling and the Internet in general? Also,..

Industry Issues in Germany & Belgium

This week’s news comes from Europe and the United Kingdom, where things are getting a bit chippy for online gambling. We also have an update on the legal action against..

The ‘NeverEnding’ FOBT Story

As the United Kingdom tries to figure out what to do with Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, no one seems to be sure if changes will have any effect at all…

Pennsylvania & Other Big Wins

Pennsylvania has officially become the fourth American state to regulate online gambling, as as you can imagine not everyone is happy about that. What could this mean for the UK?..

Spooky News from UK Gambling Commission

Horrifying Halloween news from the United Kingdom, where the Gambling Commission is on a killing spree. We’re also following breaking news out of Pennsylvania and several stories in the GPWA..

Liquidity in Online Poker and Weather

Good news from America this week, as three states have agreed to share online poker liquidity. The move could help expedite expanded regulation. Also, gambling news for fantasy sports, Bitcoin,..