Betting Worldwide – Few Simple And Interesting Facts

If you are reading this, there are huge chances you either had betting experience or you are seeking to get more information. It comes as no surprise since the market of betting is constantly growing and out there are many more people just like you.

To help you visualize it, we looked up online some statistics and, therefore we present you some of the facts about this growing industry.

It should be noted that some countries or even some bookmakers have personal intentions not to disclose statistics and data (oh, it would be interesting to us!). After all, the information below should get your interest.

USA betting stats

Forecasted global gambling market size in 2020 may reach 59.79 billion USD. These are the predictions while in 2015 the numbers were 37.91bn. Interesting that in 2009 the market size was ‘only’ 20.51bn.

Of course it is very possible that global economics’ growth is strongly related and these numbers should only increase with time.

Reasons why Americans like to bet (2017 data). Respondents could have chosen many of the options:

  • It makes the sport more interesting to me (45%);
  • I like to have a little side-game while watching the main sport event (38%);
  • It is a good way to compete with friends or colleagues (34%);
  • I like the excitement and thrill of betting (29%);
  • I like to deal with risk (15%);
  • I like to use my sport knowledge for something (14%);
  • It’s kind of a ritual for me and my friends/colleagues (12%);
  • Don’t know (9%).What do you like about betting on sports

Total amount wagered on sporting events at Nevada’s sports books. The stats of 2012 tells us that there were 3.45bn USD wagered and this comes as no surprise knowing afore mentioned numbers. Even though the stats are pretty old, amount is huge! If you would add other markets, you would be surprised.

Total amount wagered on sporting events at Nevada sports books from 2006 to 2012 (in billion U.S. dollars)

Gross revenue of afore mentioned Nevada’s sports books. Let’s continue about Nevada for now. Nevada (of course, including Las Vegas) had huge revenue (170 million in 2012). These days numbers would even be bigger.

Gross gaming revenue of Nevada sports books from sports betting from 2006 to 2012 (in million U.S. dollars)

Number of sports books in Nevada. Same here, looking at statistics of Nevada. Here we can see that the number has been increasing, except for few slight bumps that should be of no indication. In 2015 there was a peak of 197, while in 2016 the number has dropped to 192.

Number of sports books in Nevada in the United States from 1985 to 2016

Afore mentioned statistics were acquired from

Situation of betting market in the Great Britain (2017)

Main data:

  • 13.7bn pounds in revenue during April 2016 and March 2017;
  • 106,236 employees in the gambling industry;
  • 8,502 betting shops;
  • 583 bingo places;
  • 146 casinos;
  • 4.7bn came from the remote (online) services;
  • Online betting had 34% of the market share.
  • National Lottery contributed 1.5bn to the good causes.GB_Betting_2017


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