Betting Strategies for the Australian Open

The Australian Open takes place early in 2019, and it is the first major championship of the new tennis season. It is one of the most popular events on the tennis calendar, and one that both players and fans look forward to. With this being such a popular event, betting on the tournament is very popular and many people like to place a wager to get involved.

If you are one of those people who is counting down the days to this event beginning, and you are getting ready to bet on the tournament then here are our top betting strategies and things you need to know ahead of the event. Choosing which players to pick is down to you, but with our strategies and info, the process will hopefully be much easier for you.

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What is the Australian Open?

The Australian Open is the first major of the year, and the next event will take place in 2019. The tournament is played on a hard surface, so look out for players who do well on that kind of surface. Ahead of the tournament, there will be a couple of warmup events played in Australia on similar surfaces so be sure to check the results of these.

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Who Won Last Year?

Caroline Wozniacki – 2018 Australian open women event winner

Roger Federer dominated the men’s event once again. He won back to back titles with his win in 2018. He beat Marin Cilic in the final and the title he won gave him a total of six Australian Open titles, this is clearly an event that Federer loves playing and one he takes very seriously.

In the women’s event, Caroline Wozniacki won, beating Simona Halep in the final. This was the first grand slam event that Wozniacki had won, her first Australian Open title and she will be looking to build on that to have success at major events in the future.

The Surface

The Australian Open is played on a hard court surface, and it is one of two grand slam events to be played on this kind of surface, with the US Open being the other. With two grand slams played on this kind of surface, and many other events, you will have a lot of form to look at on the surface. This should help you work out which players do well on the surface and who struggles.

The hard court surface is medium to fast in its speed, which is more like a grass court than a clay court, which is often slow. Players can put a lot of spin on the ball because of the high bounce but also look out for big servers, who can have an advantage with the court speed adding to their service power.

There is no such thing as a hard court specialist so you don’t need to look out for those players. However, the fast game will favour some more than others, and if you are going to use a strategy to narrow down players, perhaps the best thing to do is to avoid those who thrive on the slow clay courts as this is the complete opposite.

Fitness and Fatigue

When you are normally looking at a tennis tournament you should always look out for which players have played a lot recently and could be fatigued, while also looking out for players who have not played and may have fitness issues. This tournament is slightly different to most events, and this isn’t something you should be looking for.

Being at the start of the season, every single player will be targeting this event. Everyone will want to be 100% for it, and the only ones who won’t be at their best are those that are carrying serious injuries from the season before, but you will know about those.

There will also be no fatigue for you to consider, something else that should make finding the winner a little easier. When we get to the middle of the summer you have to watch out for fatigued players who are playing too much, especially those who are older but in this tournament you don’t.

Whether it is beginning fit enough, or not being fatigued, you won’t have any problems here. The players are all professionals and with this event being right at the start of the season they will all have their own routine that they trust to get them 100% spot on for this two-week event.

2018 Australian Open Mens event winner – Roger Federer

Trust the Favourites

When you look back at the previous winners of this event, especially the men’s event, you will notice that the big names are always involved. Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Stan Wawrinka have won every single year between them since 2006 up until last season. Those four are all top players, and the two players who like to play with spin and finesse, Federer and Djokovic, have won more titles than anyone else in recent years.

The reason for this is that there are fewer variables in a tournament like this. Almost everyone can adapt their game to this surface, and as we have already mentioned above, there are no fitness and fatigue issues for you to consider when you are making those picks. Those things should all led to fewer shocks in the tournament, and more games going the way of the favourite.

While it is a simple strategy to talk about, it has been proven time and time again that sticking with the favourites in this tournament is the best way to go. The favourites are simply the best-ranked players, and with few variables to stop them, this has always been a good tournament for them to compete in.

The women’s game is always more open than the men’s, but the same principle applies to them. We haven’t seen a group of women dominate the game as we have in the men’s event, but seven of the last ten female champions have been ranked in the top ten when they won the tournament.

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