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Best Horse Racing Betting Strategy

Horse Racing is closely connected to the practice of sports betting. Events such as the Grand National have been known to make even people who’ve never bet a dime in their lives put up a few pounds. There’s just something incredibly exciting about betting on horse races.

Some of us, however, approach it a bit more seriously. Some are maybe even hoping to win a little bit of cash. If that applies to you, you won’t get very far without a decent horse racing betting strategy. Luckily, people have devised a bunch of ways to tip the odds in their favour over the years. Let’s take a look at some basic horse racing strategies.

best horse racing betting strategy advice staking

practice proper horse racing staking Practice Proper Horse Racing Staking

This might sound a bit obvious, but knowing how to stake your money is the first stem to success with betting. First of all, manage your bankroll – set a budget before you ever place a bet, and be prepared to lose it.

Second of all, don’t blow most of your budget on one race, no matter how sure you are of your choice. Properly spreading your bets is important for all kinds of sports betting. A lot of expert punters stick to around 5% of their bankroll per bet, but you can adjust this to fit your own needs.

protect your bets Protect your bets

This is largely connected to our previous horse racing strategy tip. What this means is that you should not only spread stakes to several different races but also several different horses within a single race.

Here’s an example: you want to bet €50 on a race. You decide to back a strong favourite with, say, 2/1 (3.0) odds. This seems like a fairly safe bet, but you still have a 66% chance of failing. So you spread the stake over, say, three different horses. For example, use €36 on your primary option, and then two €7 bets on odds of around 6/1 (7.00). If any of those two wins, you’ll at least get your money back. The potential profits are smaller for that one race, but time has shown that this horse betting strategy can improve your profits in the long run. Which brings us to our next piece of horse racing betting advice.

horse racing strategies underdog betting theory

bet safe, bet smart Bet Safe, Bet Smart

We all like a good story of the underdog betting winning, but let’s be realistic: in the real world, the favourites usually win. Statistics clearly show this, betting theory confirms it: relatively safe bets with short odds are the best approach for long-term profits.

It might sound a bit boring to always back the favourite, but it’s the simplest way of making reliable profits with horse betting. Pay attention to the market, the given odds, and occasionally do your research. After that, simply “follow the money”.

Frankly, the “big score” is just a myth among punters. If you want to win, small victories over many bets are the most tried-and-true way of getting there.

do the research Do The Research

Again, it might be obvious, but you would be surprised to know just how few people make informed betting decisions.

Know which horses are constantly in the first three places. After you pick them, pay attention to their record in terms of how they perform in different track lengths, different terrains, and different events. Also, remember to check the statistics for both the jockey and the trainer for those horses.

An informed punter is a winning punter. Sometimes it’s not easy to figure out just how these different statistics and bits of information should affect your decisions. Still, keep practising, and you’ll be punting with the best of them in no time.

Also its very important to choose right bookmaker, so we made for you best horse racing bookies rating.

People are asking these questions
🐎 What is the best horse racing betting strategy?

The best strategy is to have proper bankroll for horse betting. Before betting do the research about horse racing event and bet safe and smart without emotions.

🐎 Can you make money from horse betting?

Easiest way to make money from horse betting to be a bookie, but punters if they have cool head can make a lot of money. Its hard way to make an easy living.

🐎 What is the most profitable bet in horse racing?

Most profitable and biggest chance of winning have show and place bets.

🐎 What does ante post mean?

Ante post bet mean when you bet on longer term and trade on the outcome of an event, such as some events winner.

🐎 What does each way mean horse racing?

Each way bet means when in one bet, you have two bets. First one for the horse to finish first and second bet goes to horse to finish in the top four or five.

🐎 What does ew mean in horse racing?

EW is shortening of each way bet.

🐎 What does pulled up mean in horse racing?

For the safety of the horse, this mean that the jockey has decided that the horse should cease to continue to take any further part in the race.

🐎 How to back a horse and win bets?

If you want back right horse you need to spend more time on horse racing events. The more insight you’ll gain into the steeds and the better you’ll be at knowing what to look for.

🐎 Can you bet on all horses in a race?

Theoretically you can bet on all horses in a race, but most serious players dont do that. The return isn’t there even if you’re betting much larger sums, while the potential to make much higher paydays with horizontal and vertical exotics is there.

🐎 What is a key bet in horse racing?

Do research, bet safe and smart. You need to make informed betting decisions.